Let’s talk about something real for a change. I’m tired of hearing about the evils of Obama and Obamacare and how he’ll be a socialist that will change everything. I’m tired of hearing about how Mitt Romney sucks and it was good that he lost the election. I’m tired of the same old liberal and conservative dogma that gets bandied about so easily. All of that BS distracts us from what we really need to be concerned about and what we really need to do something about.

Before I start into that, let me say something: Republicans suck. Libertarians suck. Yes, I most closely identify with them, but not so much that I can’t call them as I see them. They don’t have a real message behind that appeals to those who want to change the world for the better. On the surface, they seem like they are into regression. Democrats and liberals, on the other hand, talk a good talk about changing the world for the better and even throw money at organizations doing this, as long as they tow the party line.

I’m for real change, change that I can believe in. I’m against regression. I’m a progressive(maybe not in the way you think) in that I think we all need to be progressing, not just individually, but collectively. We got so many real, honest to goodness problems in this world and what are we really doing about them? I can’t believe that such a large percentage of the world’s population is without adequate drinking water, proper sanitation, adequate nutrition, proper cooking fuel, and basic education.

Think about it? These are real problems that can be solved, right now. What are we doing about them? Nothing, we spend our time ranting about how Obama wants to take away our guns or how he’ll increase taxes. You go on and on about so many problems that really can’t be solved and really are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Think about it, what is more important, a new flat screen TV or a child learning how to read or write?
Conservatives and Libertarians like to retort that people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and forego government assistance. I agree with that, mostly, but they don’t have any real answer for the children who suffer because of bad choices that their parents make.

These real problems are solvable if we put our minds and hearts into it. We have to keep playing political games and brinkmanship and instead we need to focus on doing what is right. We need to use our knowledge and our capacities in whatever way we can in reducing the suffering of our fellow man. I really think that the ways the liberals are trying to “solve” the problems are just plain wrong. It’s time, and that time is now, that we use true and eternal principles to help our fellow man reach his full potential.