I go out walking every morning here in Karamay, China. I usually try to go out at about 8 am, but sometimes I find myself out walking a bit later. I try to do at least a mile but often walk at least three miles. I find it really helps the body get ready for the day and put a focus on it. If I don’t get up and moving then I find it hard to ever really get in gear. With my busy schedule this fall, I need to do it. The 30 minutes to an hour spent walking repays itself dividends throughout the day in terms of increased productivity.

But increased productivity is just part of it. Things are interesting out here and you never know what you are going to find on a morning walk. Just this morning, I was walking along and in the back of a small truck where these two cow heads. I assume they are cows though they could have been bulls or whatever. Let’s just call them cows. Anyways, I couldn’t help but stop and look at these and pull out my camera phone for a picture.

Stoned Cows

As I looked at them, I realized two things. They seemed to be happy and they seemed to be content. After looking at the picture here on the computer, it was apparent that these cows look stoned.

Yep, walking around in the morning allows you to see stone dead cow heads