I originally started blogging back in the mid 2000's. I'd write tutorials and share things I saw while living abroad. By 2006, I was running a semipopular teacher's blog, but eventually found it very draining.

Musings of a Lost American became a blog where I had collected some of the best things I had written and wanted to share in a longer form, but then Facebook came along. It became my defacto place to share and most of those items were in the moment posts. They were not evergreen by any stretch of the imagination.

I have decided to start blogging again using the Ghost blogging platform here. I am really unimpressed with the sharing on Facebook. It's hard to get conversations going in a productive way. It seems like we are all stuck in an echo chamber. Ultimately, I think that closes us up to new ideas and new insights.

I decided to keep the name Musings of a Lost American because it really sums up my experience. You can read that story on the About Jack Woods page.

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